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What is VPNDiary?

VPNDiary.com is a website that presents unbiased reviews for the general benefit of VPN users. Our team conducts in-depth tests and evaluates each provider on multiple factors. Based on the results, we unveil comprehensive and accurate reviews of each VPN provider.

In addition, our team of experts works tirelessly to inform, advice, and provide resources to our readers about reserving their privacy and security. They also create illustrious guides on helping streaming enthusiasts, Kodi users, and internet freedom fighters.

VPNDiary.com presents unbiased reviews for the general benefit of VPN users. No sponsors play part in influencing our listings and rankings.

Our Publishing Standards

To make sure that users are thoroughly acquainted about all offerings, we have, from day one, applied extensive research methodology that leads to well-thought, neutral, and comprehensive articles, blog posts, news and reviews.

Over the past few years, this approach has been lauded by a large community of VPN users and people from different walks of online privacy and anonymity. To support our users and visitors even more, we have in place an instant feedback system. You can send us your queries and questions on our comment board or email so that we get them answered by experts in the field.

Coupons and Advertisement

We sometimes render VPN coupons, vouchers and free accounts to our visitors. All these giveaways are properties of respective providers. We do not assume responsibility of their services in any manner.

The advertisement displayed on our site does not form part of our recommendations. Please have a look on the provider’s review before making a purchase decision.

Rating Criteria

The ranking criteria used on our site takes in several factors, ranging from provider’s pricing and history, through its support protocols, speed, software and customer service. Each review takes about four to five days and undergoes extensive content, presentation and accuracy scrutiny before its final publication.

With growth in visitors and reviews every day, our site is fast becoming the biggest VPN advisory on the web. So stay connected.

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